Quirks & Quarks, 1975

Hear the first four episodes ever broadcast, hosted by David Suzuki from the CBC Digital Archives….

Is science just a subject for academics and geeks? Not according to the CBC Radio program Quirks & Quarks. When it debuted in 1975, Quirks
set out to show Canadians that science is exciting, interesting and
relevant to our daily lives — and the program has pursued that same
goal ever since. The first host of the show was outspoken geneticist
David Suzuki, at the helm from 1975 to 1979. Jay Ingram hosted from
1979 to 1991, and Bob McDonald has been host since 1992. The CBC
Digital Archives features the first four entire episodes from the
program’s inaugural year of 1975, plus a broad selection of shorter
clips from throughout the show’s history.

I guess you can say they are the first-ever Canadian environmental podcasts.

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  1. thegreenpages editor says:

    Wow, amazing. It is really good to look back at the early ground-breaking ideas during that time.


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