Tonight on Doc Zone: Tar Sands: The Selling of Alberta

TONIGHT on CBC’s Doc Zone! Thursday March 13 at 9pm on CBC-TV & Saturday March 15 at 10pm ET/PT  on CBC Newsworld

Tar Sands: The Selling of Alberta
captures the intersecting storylines of a remarkable cast of characters
eager to cash in on the oil boom in Fort McMurray, Alberta.  Washington
lobbyists, Newfie pipefitters, Chinese investors and Norwegian
industrialists descend on tar-soaked “Fort McMoney”, a modern-day
Eldorado, where rents are sky rocketing and cocaine abuse is four times
the provincial average. Up for grabs – a stake in a $100 billion energy
bonanza and Canada’s economic sovereignty.

Read more about this documentary on the CBC.

Discuss this film online.

View the CBC Gallery: Alberta’s Oil Sands

Here are some External Links provided by the CBC….

Oil Sands Watch
Oil Sands Discovery Centre
Tar Sands Watch
Canadian Assocation of Petroleum Producers
Oilsands Review
Greenpeace: Questions and Answers about the Alberta Tar Sands
Oil Sands Truth


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