Take Action to End the Seal Hunt

WHYIFAWV3.JPGMore than 300,000 seals
will be cruelly killed this year. 98% of the seals killed in the past 2
years were between 2 weeks and 3 months old.

Canada’s annual commercial seal hunt is a cruel and unethical practice
that produces a product nobody needs. 98% of the animals killed in the
past two years have been baby seals between 2 weeks to 3 months old.
And despite the potentially devastating effects of global warming to
harp seal breeding grounds, the Canadian government has raised the
annual seal hunt quotas to the highest levels in history.

urge your MP to end the cruelty of the seal hunt by completing the
letter below and clicking submit. Please be sure to add your own
comments as it makes your letter even more effective. After your letter
is submitted, you will be prompted to enter your profile into the
300,000 Actions for 300,000 Seals global community.

Visit the web site to learn more: http://www.stopthesealhunt.ca

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