Poplar River First Nation

The Poplar River Reserve #16 is a Treaty 5 Adhesion, and is situated at
the mouth of the Poplar River (Asatiwisipe). The Poplar River, the
North Poplar River (Opakwepananuswisipe), the Mukutawa River
(Mukatewisipe) and the Nanowin River (Maominwisipe) are the major
waterways that flow through the area. These unpolluted and unaltered
waters flow from east to west through a landscape where undisturbed
natural ecological processes and patterns of natural disturbance
continue as they have for the millennia. These waters also contribute
to clean nutrient cycles and flows from the east into the lakes and
wetlands to the west.

Poplar River First Nation has a population of approximately 1,200 (over
900 on reserve). Our community lies about 400 kilometers north of
Winnipeg and is accessible by air, and by winter road between January
and March. In the summer months, a barge service also operates on Lake
Winnipeg. Poplar River Anishinabek Traditional Territory, as reflected
by the registered trapline district of Poplar lies between 50 and 55
degrees north latitude and extends east from the Lake Winnipeg
shoreline, almost to the Ontario border. The area is a significant and
ecologically intact part of the Lac Seul Upland Ecoregion and is also
recognized as a part of Manitoba’s Precambrian Boreal Forest Natural
Region, Natural Region 4C.

Read more: http://www.poplarriverfirstnation.ca/

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