New Society News – It Ain’t Easy Being Green


As more and more people and companies enter the environmental arena,
the issues are getting less black and white (or more grey than green).
First biofuels were great, now we worry about their impact on growing
food crops. Is Company A’s sustainability mandate genuine, or are they
greenwashing? The latest debate here concerns BC’s new carbon tax – is
it a well-thought out attack on climate change, or political
grandstanding that discriminates against lower income citizens and the
rural population and fails to provide realistic incentives for
renewable energy alternatives?

That’s one of the reasons why we publish — to help you stay current
on the issues and give you the ideas, analysis, inspiration and
solutions you need. Stay tuned to our blog for green news and views every day, and check out our latest books below!

Rocking the Boat

Boat Green

Recreational boating can be a major contributor to marine pollution,
but help has arrived for boaters who want to clean up their act with Boat Green.
From fuel and graywater to power systems and hull maintenance, Clyde
Ford shows you how to minimize your impact on the waters you love.

Complete Guesthouse – Only $6000 plus Sweat Equity


What if you could build an eco-friendly 300 square foot octagonal
structure with cordwood masonry, timber-framing and a living roof, all
for less than $6000? Now you can, and Rob Roy shows you how in Stoneview.
The book includes the plans, materials list, step-by-step instructions,
and detailed pictures and commentary – everything you need to complete
the entire project – just add sweat equity!

From Aggregate and Adhesives to Water Storage and Wind Turbines – and everything in between!

Green Building Products

Keeping up with the Joneses may be a grind, but keeping up with the Greens is a breeze, thanks to Green Building Products: The GreenSpec Guide to Residential Building Materials,
by the good folks at BuildingGreen. We are delighted to announce the
release of the revised third edition that adds the latest reliable
green items to an already impressive list.

The Golden Rule, not the rule of gold

Life, Money and Illusion

In Life, Money and Illusion,
Mike Nickerson examines how economic growth has become the propellant
for catastrophe. Then, by showing how the economy can be restructured
to remain within planetary limits, he points the way to a sustainable

Life after Peak Oil? “Si, se puede — yes, it can be done!”

The Power of Community

Following the collapse of cheap oil supplied by the former Soviet Union, Cuba was forced to rebuild its quality of life. The Power of Community
shows how communities pulled together, created solutions, and
ultimately thrived — an inspiring example for the Western world as we
begin our slide down the other side of Hubbard’s Peak.

New Catalyst Books

Check out the following titles, which have just been released under our New Catalyst Books’ imprint!

Gardening for the Faint of Heart

Gardening for the Faint of Heart

Need some reading for a rainy day? In the humorous yet practical Gardening for the Faint of Heart, Robin Wheeler will help you get “down to earth” while never losing sight of the fact that above all, gardening should be fun!

Blood of the Land

Blood of the Land

On its first release, Rex Weyler’s Blood of the Land
was nominated for a Pulitzer prize. Now available again through New
Catalyst, this book is a powerful reminder that we can only ignore
environmental, social justice and spiritual issues at our–and the

Whatever Happened to Ecology

Whatever Happened to Ecology

Part memoir, part environmental retrospective, Stephanie Mills’ Whatever Happened to Ecology
is a fascinating account of one woman’s journey to living in place,
from the heart of San Franciso’s fledgling environmental movement to
the far-flung outposts of bioregional activism. Back in print for the
first time in over 10 years, this is one book that is not to be missed!

Turning Away from Technology

Turning Away from Technology

As relevant today as when it first appeared over a decade ago, Turning Away from Technology
is a classic of the environmental movement featuring fifty
distinguished thinkers discussing the negative impacts of the
technological revolution and formulating a healing vision for the 21st

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