Nature Conservancy acquires wildlife habitat in Qu’Appelle Valley

Qu'appelle Valley
Image by jpraadt via Flickr

Craven, SKThe Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) announced the acquisition of the Big Valley Property in Saskatchewan.

The 136-hectare property is nestled within the province’s Qu’Appelle Valley and is adjacent to the Valeport Wildlife Management Unit, a major site for migratory birds. Several nationally and provincially listed Species at Risk including the northern leopard frog, bigmouth buffalo fish, burrowing owl and Sprague’s pipit, can be found in the area.

NCC was approached by the landowner, Mr. David Ash, who had made the decision to conserve the property for future generations. The purchased lands will enhance the area for wildlife and protect it from further development.

“The protection of the Big Valley Property is a key part of NCC’s larger conservation plan for the Qu’Appelle Valley Natural Area. It is an ambitious community-based plan to conserve the lands that are the most critical to maintaining the area’s biodiversity,” remarked NCC’s President John Lounds. “NCC is committed to managing this natural area for the long term. The conservation investment made today will maintain globally significant habitats and species for years to come.”

The project was made possible with support from the NCC-Government of Canada Natural Areas Conservation Program, the Province of Saskatchewan and the local community. The Federal government is investing $225 million to support the work of NCC and other conservation organizations to preserve priceless parts of our great country.

“Conserving our ecologically significant land and protecting the wildlife species that live there is a priority for Canadians and for this government,” said Canada’s Minister of the Environment John Baird.

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