Northern Voice 2008 – Notes from the field (Day 1)

(things to Google….now or later)

  • blogtv
  • voxant (need to revisit)
  • splash press media
  • b5 media (Canadian)
  • daily pixel
  • "smarter than your average blog"
  • web blog zinc
  • gocker/gawker media
  • 451 press (pay by traffic)
  • raised eyebrow
  • alex king, share this
  • reddit canada
  • Your Story on the CBC
  • cogdogblog

Photocamp 2008

  • light painting (Rachael – goddess_spiral on flickr)
  • long exposures using LED lights
  • 30 seconds shot, complete darkness, light the person in a quick flash,
  • (SLR vs Pocket cam)
    • always have a camera (SLR but have a pocket camera)
    • over 6MP is not that good, gets crowded on the sensor
    • Prime lenses is better (rather than zooming)
    • The Online Photographer
    • Canon G9 real good jpeg conversions (no need for RAW)
    • Sigma DP1
    • Ricoh GR Digital II (Prime lens, durable)
    • (DMD)
    • DPReview
  • Lighting (use fast prime lens)
    • high contrast is the enemy
    • Alex Waterhouse Hayward – best way to learn photography is to use one light source. Rip off and imitate other photos and make your own style.
  • Novak Rogac – (rogic on flickr)
    • HDR (shadow detail)
    • whoa – planet hawthorn (panorama and
    • adjusts exposures, does everything
    • tutorial (photoshop)
    • doublestitch
  • Duane Storey (
    • Make $$$ with your photographs
    • Flickr – storage / community / google
    • Smugmug – selling
    • print service that didn’t require babysitting
    • watermarking of images
    • private galleries
    • some kind of branding ability
    • $40 – $150 per year
    • Great store front
  • Miranda Lievers
    • Natural lighting
    • Rule of taking photos: light first, then location
    • Best: shooting down next to soft window light.
    • soft directional filtered light, ie. window, doorway (dark cloth over window)
    • cloudy days are good, people don’t squint, good for portraits
    • sunshine as hair light, lamp light, urban light
    • adjusting your subject to account for poor light. (avoid racoon eyes), move them or having them doing something else.
    • shooting at high noon: (least favourite time), need to change perspective.
    • isolate subject by dropping or blowing the background
    • shooting with backlight indoors and outdoors
    • playing with found light and shadow
    • Fav: early morning, sunrise, sunset (hard directional sunlight).
  • Reilly Lievers
    • Off camera flash, getting light source away from camera
    • flash on the floor
    • flash on the left
    • reflectors (even a white piece of paper)
    • soft gold reflectors to get good skin tones
  • Derek (depth of field , wide-aperture – crank it out)
    • (penmachine on flickr)
    • b+w digital darkroom
    • lens/lighting, digital sensor, photoshop
    • CMOS, CCD = DxO Optics Pro 4 (photoshop plugin)
    • for bw = curves + levels, channel blending, layer masks
    • squarewithin on flickr

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