The old dog still has bite

It’s been a wild ride this week at the David Suzuki Foundation. The National Post blasted Dr. Suzuki with a series of accusations that he’s out to lock up his critics (totally wrong) and even that the Foundation’s Carbon Neutral program is part of “grand plans for global control.” (We actually like this idea.)

Is the Post working its own agenda? You be the judge. Here are Dr. Suzuki’s original speaking notes and a response from the editors of the McGill Daily, whose coverage of Suzuki’s speech launched the whole brouhaha.

The situation reminds me of Gandhi’s famous aphorism: “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you.. and then you win.”

Has The National Post correctly reported Dr. Suzuki’s speech, or do you think they’re barking up the wrong tree? Share your comments with us.

Elijah van der Giessen
Outreach Coordinator
David Suzuki Foundation

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