Choosing how to be more sustainable

Over at YouSustain we recently added a new feature to more easily find the best ways to become more personally sustainable. We call them Recommendations, and you can view the various sustainable solutions by:

  • Popularity
  • Lowest Cost
  • Most CO2 Reduced
  • Most Cash Savings

We have already had a lot of great feedback on this, because
different people have different priorities. Some people want to save
the most CO2 they can. Others want to save the most money.

The popularity view is a great way to see what others are actually
doing in real life. We all hear about the bigger ideas like converting
your house to solar or buying a hybrid car, but that’s not feasible for
everyone. The popular solutions tend to be the small, low-expense,
ones. However, these small ideas add up to a large impact when several
are done together.

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