STEP: Sustainable Technology Education Project

At the University of Waterloo, there is a group of students who
understand that green energy is going to play an integral part in the
world’s energy mix throughout the 21st century.

The Sustainable Technology Education Project,
through demonstration and education, is working actively to promote
green energy and sustainable development to a wide audience. STEP is a
student–run organization that brings together faculty, staff, industry
representatives and community members to accomplish its goals.

Society’s heavy dependence on fossil fuel is dramatically increasing
the rate of global climate change—causing a global meltdown of the
artic ice sheets, serious damages to our health, the natural ecosystem,
weather patterns, and poses incalculable economic risks for the future.
In an effort to change society’s reliance on fossil fuels, STEP is
working to establish the University as a living laboratory of green

Visit the web site at:


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