LOGical Creations Ltd. – Named finalist for the Alberta Business Awards of Distinction for second consecutive year

January 22, 2008

AIRDRIE, ALBERTA – LOGical Creations Ltd. is proud to announce that it has again been selected as a finalist for the Alberta Business Awards of Distinction in the Small Business category.

The honour was announced by the Alberta Chambers of Commerce on January 9th.  Along with being a finalist for the Small Business Award of Distinction Category, LOGical Creations is also eligible for the prestigious Premier’s Award of Distinction which is chosen by Premier Stelmach.

LOGical Creations has also repeated their winning ways in back to back
years with another environmental award, in October 2007 the
Environmental Advisory Board presented the company with their Eco-Edge
Award for their leadership in environmental stewardship. As well, The
Recycling Council of Alberta also chose to hand their highest accolade,
the Innovation Award, to the Airdrie based LOGical Creations for its
innovative efforts to manufacture their products with the utmost of
eco-sensitivity. “It’s amazing that these organizations have taken
notice of environmentally sensitive companies like ourselves and
recognized our contribution to the environment” said Scott
Pulvermacher, CEO. “We decided from the start to be an industry leader
and implement a zero waste policy. We have always taken great pride in
what we have accomplished on the eco manufacturing and marketing stage
and hope we can inspire other companies to make some changes to their
policies as well, it can add up to a huge benefit not only to the
planet but also to their bottom lines.”

 LOGical Creations Ltd. is an Airdrie, Alberta based company that
manufactures custom log furniture made solely of recycled trees that
have died naturally in the forest thus reducing the fuel for potential
forest fires. “We continue to seek out ways of reducing our foot print
on the environment and ways to share our findings with others in the
community.” Pulvermacher added.

 The award will be announced at the gala dinner event February 29 at
the Telus Convention Centre. For more information, please go to the
Alberta Business Awards of Distinction website at

For more information please contact:

Scott Pulvermacher, CEO
LOGical Creations Ltd.
(403) 969-5647

Please see backgrounder below for more information on LOGical Creations Ltd.


 Logical Creations is a custom log furniture builder. Since our
inception we have implemented a zero waste policy. We build all of our
furniture from ONLY recycled trees; we called it “Treecycling”. Rather
than harvest live trees we have chosen instead to only harvest those
trees that have already died in the forest. In doing so we are taking
the fuel out of potential forest fires. We compost our shavings and saw
dust and share left over log pieces with the community as fire wood.
Where possible we use only hand powered tools such as bow saws, axes
and drawknives (hand peeling of logs) and made many other efforts to
lower our green house gas emissions. All office by-products are

 Having seen a need Logical Creations founded “TREECYCLE” an annual
recycling program to shred used Christmas trees to be utilized in
Airdrie city parks while raising almost $5,000 in aid for the Food Bank.

 We are self taught and are very passionate about bringing back this
lost art of the pioneers. We build all of our furniture the old
fashioned way… by hand! We peel the logs using the old draw knife
method. This leaves a beautiful texture to each log we use. We believe
log furniture should be a beautiful and functional work of art. It is
furniture to be pasted down to your grandchildren!

 Our furniture can be seen in many Canadian homes and businesses such
as former Calgary Mayor Al Duerr, The Deerfoot Inn and Casino and other
wonderful people.

“When trees go to heaven it’s only LOGICAL that they end up in our CREATIONS”

“Furniture GROWN in Canada”
(403) 969-LOGS

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