The Building Industry Needs a Renovation – Green Alberta

A new initiative is about to launch in Alberta and it’s got the building industry talking.
It’s called: Green Alberta; an online database of green building products and materials
that offer an ethical, health-conscious, environmentally low-impact and cost-effective
alternative to current standards in interior and exterior building design.
This database is the first of its kind in Alberta and hopes to be the benchmark
for verifying green building materials locally and nationally in the future.

The Green Alberta database is designed to help the building industry become more
sustainable through education and verified information on green building materials
and products in Alberta. The aim of Green Alberta is two-fold: to serve the needs
of a growing market of environmentally conscious consumers and to expose greener
alternatives to the mainstream market. More specifically, Green Alberta is a tool
used by building and design professionals to help specify green building materials
that have been verified by Green Alberta and certified by independent 3rd party certifiers.
Home owners are also welcome to view introductory levels of information on green products
and their suppliers.

Visit their web site:

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