Earth Hour & The Good Life

World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has just launched The Good Life: an online community for concerned Canadians who want action climate change.  The Good Life adds
up and tracks the positive impact you are having, and rolls up the
total green house gas reductions achieved by all participants across
your province and across Canada.

You can also sign up for Earth Hour on this site
and join millions of people around the world as they turn off their
lights on March 29th to deliver a powerful, united global message about
the need to fight climate change.
Climate change is too big a problem to tackle alone, but when our
actions are counted together, it adds up to an impressive call to
others – including governments, businesses and individuals – to do
their part.
Hope you’ll lend your voice this positive, collective effort.
Melissa Tupper
Communications Specialist
WWF-Canada (Pacific Region)


Today we are launching a new conservation program, The Good Life – a community-based, action-oriented campaign that will help mobilize Canadians to reduce their ecological footprint, starting with greenhouse gas emissions – and we want you to be among the first to know.

We need you to join this campaign and
share with other Canadians how you are helping to fight climate change.
No actions are too small. Collectively, our actions will speak volumes
to the rest of Canada, to the government and to the world.

When you join,
you’ll help to redefine “the good life” from one characterized by
excess, waste and the trappings of material goods, to one that is
healthy for us, for the planet and for future generations.

You can commit to personal actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and invite or challenge friends and family to take action. All of us have probably already done something to reduce our footprint, no matter how small. Join The Good Life and make it count!

Every time you take an action, you will see the reduction of
your greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.  You’ll also see the total GHG
reductions across Canada and by province taken in The Good Life, and see your part in this bigger commitment to making change.

Living The Good Life is simply joining other Canadians in taking personal action to reduce your impact on the planet.

Join us.  Live The Good Life.

Earth Hour – March 29, 2008, 8 p.m.

Join millions of people around the world as they turn off their
lights on March 29 to deliver a powerful, unified global message about
the need for action on climate change. Earth Hour!   



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