Green fundraising

Boxes of chocolate-covered almonds and magazine subscriptions are being

replaced by compact fluorescent light bulbs and stainless steel water

bottles to raise funds in some Ontario high schools. Green fundraisers

help kids learn about the environment and give parents a chance to buy

products they really need, Corey Berman, president of Green Students,

tells CBC News Morning. (Runs 4:39) (Donald King/Associated Press)

Going green

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  1. Sarah says:

    Things have changed a little in the world of Green Students Fundraising.
    This lovable green fundraiser no longer includes compact fluorescent light bulbs and instead, has expanded to three new products. Alongside the Klean Kanteens are now Laptop Lunches, a litter-less lunch kit, Nellie’s Dryerballs, a laundry sheet alternative that cuts drying time by 25%, and Botanical Paperworks, a line of greeting cards that grow into flowers when planted.
    Now there are more ways Green Students can help your community live healthier lives. Get your school or organization involved now!
    Check out the Green Students website and get ready to raise green that’s clean!


  2. Beautifully Holistic Creations offers custom products for corporate events, weddings and fundraisers.
    The main product for fundraisers is vegan friendly organic lip balms. Choose from Strawberry-Vanilla, Sweet Orange-Mango, Lemongrass-Peppermint or Natural. 50-60% commission of all product sold and the satisfaction of endorsing healthy CANADIAN MADE products!


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