Calgary Herald launches Green Guide

Check out the Calgary Herald’s new Green Guide section for articles, activities and events.

About The Green

If you’re like most Canadians, the state of the planet now tops your
list of concerns. You want to do something to help, but you don¹t know
where to start. And you¹re bombarded with conflicting information about
how to take action. The Green Guide is devoted to environmental issues
in Calgary. We break down complex problems into simple steps, suggest
practical and innovative ways of incorporating greener living into your
daily life and introduce you to people who walk the eco-talk. We tell
you where to recycle everything from eyeglasses to computers to wedding
dresses in our city, how to make wiser spending choices and what you
can do to have a larger impact on business and government. Use this
ever-growing website as your environmental guide and read the column
every Friday in the Real Life section. The website and the column are
compiled by Emma Gilchrist, a Herald writer and copy editor who is
passionate about the environment and making conscious consumer choices.

Have an environment-related question? E-mail

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