GreenNews: The December 2007 edition from Environmental Defence

Welcome to GreenNews, Environmental Defence’s monthly electronic newsletter featuring updates on our efforts Greening Cities, Protecting People and Saving Species.

Greening Cities: Go Green this Holiday Season;
Action Needed Now for Lake Simcoe

Protecting People: Mountain Equipment Co-op and Lululemon Stop Selling most Products with Controversial Chemical, Bisphenol A

Go Green this Holiday Season.
Cancel your subscription to Sears Catalogues (including the Wish Book),
made from endangered forests in Ontario. Avoid buying toxic toys.
Choose your holiday meal from food grown locally. Use low-energy
holiday lights.

These are just
a few things you can do this holiday season to go green. Environmental
Defence and ForestEthics have come up with a list of the top 10 ways you can green your holiday season.

You can also support the work of Environmental Defence by giving a Gift of Green to your friends and family.


Action Needed Now for Lake Simcoe. Environmental
Defence and our partners in the Campaign Lake Simcoe coalition are
calling on the new Ontario government to make protection of Lake Simcoe
a key priority.

To encourage
quick passage of a new law to specifically protect Lake Simcoe, a
commitment made by Premier Dalton McGuinty last July, Campaign Lake
Simcoe recently published a list of key principles the law should

  • restoring water quality and quantity to levels compatible with cold water fish reproduction and control of algae and weeds;
  • creating
    a natural heritage and agricultural system to protect green space and
    restricting new development to existing and approved settlement areas;
  • consulting with First Nations to identify and protect First Nations heritage sites; and,
  • ensuring that large-scale resort developments such as Big Bay Point are consistent with the proposed Lake Simcoe Protection Act. 

Read the full list of key principles for the Lake Simcoe Protection Act.

Read the News Release: Lake Simcoe Survival Depends on New Law.

Mountain Equipment Co-op and Lululemon Stop Selling most Products with Controversial Chemical, Bisphenol A. Two
of Canada’s largest retailers, Mountain Equipment Co-op and Lululemon,
have decided to stop selling most products that contain a controversial
chemical, bisphenol A. The decision takes effect immediately at
Mountain Equipment Co-op stores, and in January 2008 at Lululemon

Bisphenol A is found in
hard plastic reusable bottles, including baby bottles, and the lining
of some tin cans. Two recent panels in the U.S. have pointed to
potential health effects of exposure to bisphenol A.

Canada is currently reviewing bisphenol A, and the Ontario government
has set up an expert panel to review toxic chemicals, starting with
bisphenol A.

Read the news releases: Mountain Equipment Co-op Congratulated for Ceasing Sale of Products with Controversial Chemical; Second Major Canadian Retailer Stops Selling Bisphenol A Bottles

few days before Mountain Equipment Co-op announced it was dropping
products with bisphenol A, Environmental Defence and Washington-based
Environmental Working Group released a report showing bisphenol A is
used in the linings of many cans of infant formula. According to the
study, all major North America makers of infant formula admitted using
bisphenol A in the lining of cans of infant formula. Previous tests
show that the bisphenol A can leach into the infant formula.

Read the news release: Bisphenol-A Levels in Canned Infant Formula Pose Higher Risk Than Baby Bottles.

Help Environmental Defence get bisphenol A banned in all food and beverage containers. Sign our online petition.

Keep up-to-date with Enviornmental Defence’s campaign to ban bisphenol A. Check out the Toxic Nation blog.

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