Britain pledges to power every home by wind power by 2020

    If Canada needs inspiration to substantially increase wind power, it need look no further than Britain.
    By 2020, Britain hopes to generate enough electricity via offshore wind turbines to power every home in the country, The Associated Press reports.
    The news is being welcomed by the British Wind Energy Association, however, the association is concerned that it will be difficult to raise Britain’s wind power production to 33 gigawatts by 2020 from the current level of half a gigawatt.
    The full project still depends on environmental impact studies.
    Although Britain’s wind-swept coasts and shallow waters are ideal for offshore turbines, wind generated power accounts for less than two per cent of its current energy generation. Still, massive new offshore wind farms are due to go online by 2014.
    The energy association claims that by next year Britain will overtake Denmark as the world’s largest generator of offshore wind power.