Hume Travel launches FlyGreen.ca

Vancouver B.C., 04 December 2007

Hume Travel announces the immediate launch of FlyGreen.ca,
Canada’s first climate-friendly travel site for climate-conscious
travellers. FlyGreen.ca is an online travel agency that makes a
contribution to programs which offset carbon emissions.

of the most serious issues facing everyone today is climate change, and
most forms of transport are ‘carbon culprits’. Using FlyGreen.ca,
travellers book with WestJet or Air Canada (same low web fares, no
hidden extras, no booking fees), and for each booking FlyGreen.ca
contributes towards projects that prevent greenhouse gases from being
emitted into the atmosphere.

“We are delighted to announce today’s launch of our new FlyGreen.ca
website,” said Nicole Murcutt, Director of the program. “Travellers go
through FlyGreen.ca to access the airlines’ web links and book for
exactly the same low web fares as booking direct. By booking through
FlyGreen.ca they make an important contribution to carbon offsets and
it doesn’t cost them one extra penny!

“We believe this is the first program of its kind in Canada,” she
continued “and are certain that travellers who used to book directly
with WestJet or Air Canada will want to do so through FlyGreen.ca as of

The idea is simple but clearly effective: nothing changes for the
travellers, except that they book their travel through FlyGreen.ca and
have the satisfying knowledge they are making a contribution to
carbon-offset programs at no extra cost.

FlyGreen.ca has partnered with Offsetters Climate Neutral Society,
Canada’s premier provider of high quality carbon offsets. “Consumers
are increasingly aware of the climate impact of their own activities,”
said Dr. James Tansey, CEO of Offsetters.  “People are looking for
solutions, and FlyGreen.ca offers an excellent one.  We are very
excited to partner with FlyGreen.ca and believe that people will
respond very positively to a company that puts its money where its
mouth is.”

The website, launched today, is supported by Hume Travel in
Vancouver. Therefore, should travellers booking on FlyGreen.ca require
a more complex travel arrangement, they can draw on the full support of
Hume Travel consultants. “This way,” said Ms. Murcutt, travellers get
the best of both worlds: they either make a simple web booking at no
extra cost, or they can rely on our full-service agency for help with
more complex bookings.”

For more information, check out www.FlyGreen.ca.

Nicole Murcutt, Director – FlyGreen.ca                       Dr. James Tansey, CEO
A Division of Hume Travel Corp.                                 Offsetters Climate Neutral Society
604-682-7581                                                          604-562-4546
Toll-free 1-800-663-9787
Nicole@hume-travel.com                                          James.tansey@gmail.com
www.FlyGreen.ca                                                     www.offsetters.ca


FlyGreen.ca and Hume Travel are based in Vancouver B.C.. Hume
Travel has provided travel services to Canadians since 1983. Dedicated
to finding the lowest rates and best options for their clients, they
specialise in individual service and consultancy.

Offsetters Climate Neutral Society is Canada’s premier
provider of high quality carbon offsets. Founded in 2005 by two climate
experts from the University of British Columbia, Offsetters works with
individuals and businesses to calculate, track, reduce, and finally
offset their greenhouse gas emissions.  Offsetters funds are invested
into renewable energy and energy efficiency projects that achieve
tangible reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and that would not have
taken place without its involvement.  For more information, see www.offsetters.ca

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