CPAWS News: CPAWS to raise issue of wilderness protection at Bali UN Climate Change meetings

Bali, Indonesia – The Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) is raising the important role of boreal forest protection at the United Nations Climate Change Conference beginning today in Bali, Indonesia.  Over the next two weeks, the international community will be trying to hammer out an agreement on concrete steps to be taken in developing the global climate change framework that will follow on the end of the Kyoto Protocol’s first commitment period.   

The proposed steps include a work plan to review and revise the way emissions from land use, forestry and agriculture are addressed within the Protocol.  The outcome of this process will determine whether rules governing land use activities are drafted that will be effective in helping to mitigate climate change and protect ecosystems from climate change impacts.

Chris Henschel, CPAWS’ National Manager of Conservation and Climate Change is attending the Bali Climate Change Conference and is available to speak with the media about how Canada’s natural ecosystems fit into climate change discussions and the importance of ecosystem protection in an era of climate change.


Chris Henschel
National Manager, Domestic and International Policy, Conservation and Climate Change
Mobile phone in Bali:  +62 81 338 979608

See related backgrounder:
A comprehensive approach to climate change must include conservation of ecosystems (PDF, 200KB)

As Canada’s voice for wilderness, CPAWS is deeply concerned about the impact of climate change on biodiversity. We are also contributing to a policy discussion on the extent to which maintaining our ecosystems in an intact state will mitigate the rate of climate change.  CPAWS is promoting changes to Kyoto rules for land use and forestry that promote the best possible outcomes for both climate change mitigation and biodiversity.

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