The latest from Shared Vision magazine – December 2007


The Real Earth Mother

My experiments in green parenting.
by Cori Howard

Saving Our Hides

A skin specialist comes to the rescue – naturally.

Greening Your Holidays

‘Tis the season to show the Earth you care. by Emily Murgatroyd

Homing in on Homeopathy

The “whole” works in health.
by Tamara Letkeman

Readin’, Recyclin’, and ‘Rithmetic

We ask the Frog some elementary eco-questions.

Body Talk

latest findings in integrative health. by Elizabeth Barker

Clean Living with Gabrielle Miller

She’s a vegetarian whose middle name is Sunshine. But the star of TV’s Corner Gas and Robson Arms is no granola girl. by Adrian Mack

Gregor Robertson, Sustainability Superman

Do we need a former organic farmer in City Hall? by Nadine Pedersen

Chemical Overload

When your environment is your enemy. by Alicia Priest

Sustainable City

EcoDensity is about designing better neighbourhoods. by Thomas Osdoba

December ENVision

Green gifts even the super consumer will love Featuring organic vodka,
Conor O’Clery’s The Billionaire Who Wasn’t, custom facials, Hope in
Shadows calendar, organic perfume, recycled fur, Mojave’s Stories,
winter moisturizer, and a Pemberton Valley getaway.

My Dinner with André

Lower Mainland restaurants go green. by Spring Gillard

Fresh Greens

Featuring the tattoos of Culinary Capers’ Jonathan Chovancek,Om Natural Lassis, and Tarragon Foods.
by Trish Kelly

December Visionaries

Featured this issue: Clark Sustainable Resource Developments’ Wayne
Dunn; the Wilderness Committee’s Andrea Reimer; Dr. Cathy Carlson-Rink,
naturopath and midwife; hip-hop artist Silas Balabyekkubo.

News from Vancouver’s

Green Scene

Vancouver Skyline and Green BBQ

The Burning Man Goes Green
The sustainable Vancouver angle on Nevada’s infamous
arts festival.

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