WorldChanging Canada: Fund, Design and Build: The project of (y)our dreams?

As Jason Diceman pointed out last month, Worldchanging has covered quite a few social networking sites, all trying to bring people together in slightly different ways. Here is one more project that is worth reading about.

Marc Stamos, an entrepreneur from Montreal, has a vision. He wants to help grow a world that 6.6 billion people would want to live in.

While articling as a law school student, Marc had an opportunity to see David Suzuki speak at the University of Toronto. Coming away from that experience, he felt so inspired to effect change that he decided to finish his position, stop and regroup. He took the next number of years to educate himself, network and find a place where he might be able to help. His conversations, work and effort have all culminated with this: REBEARTH.COM

On Tuesday evening, Marc spoke to an audience at McGill University in Montreal and laid out a world that would contain the following appetizing characteristics:

  • Businesses that increase employee morale, regenerate the environment and are profitable.
  • Children’s toys that are fun, engaging, profitable and release nutrients when chewed.
  • Desirable transportation that is silent, clean and profitable.
  • Human impact is a positive, prosperous and regenerative force.

Okay, so that sounds simple enough. Where do we start?

What Marc and his collaborators want to do is create an internet hub that links ideas, with finances and skills; wiki-style networking, with a bank account and muscle power.

REBEARTH’s immediate goal is to begin with one project, a house.

Have you ever thought about what your dream house would look like? What characteristics would it have? Would you be willing to contribute your thoughts to help this house take shape? REBEARTH’s hope is you would.

How about your skills as a project coordinator, designer or architect? No skills, just cash? Fine. They’ll take that too. Getting the prototype off the ground will help work out the system they hope to form. A system that can then be applied to anything we want.

Perhaps you’re not interested in building a new house; you want a new shoe, fabric, community heating plant, or bicycle tire. Suggest it, collaborate, design, fund and build.

REBEARTH wants to take collaboratively formed ideas and make them marketable. Taking any generated innovations and share, systemize, franchise and/or license them out to other companies for use, but there is a catch. There goal is not to just make money from the commons, REBEARTH was started to help grow a world that 6.6 billion people would want to live in. Companies who want to use the innovations in traditional application, without the social or environmental contribution will have a bit of a tougher time.

And the money that comes in, goes around. Not only to those who put up the financial backing, but to all those who have been involved in the project.

Interested in finding out more? Marc will be making presentation #2 in Toronto this coming Tuesday, November 27th, at 7:00 PM in the Bahen Centre for Information Technology at the University of Toronto. For more details you can check out this internet invitation.

Those of you unable to make it to Toronto, please visit their website and email them, they would love to hear from you. Because after all, it’s going to take people just like you to make this thing work.

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