CPAWS News: CPAWS commends Nova Scotia Enviroment Minister on quarry decision

The Nova Scotia Chapter of the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS-NS) is pleased to learn that Nova Scotia Minister of Environment and Labour Mark Parent has decided to reject a proposed quarry on Digby Neck.

Minister Parent has agreed with the findings of an independent review panel that the Whites Point Quarry would pose an unacceptable risk to the environment and to the communities on Digby Neck.

“Given the rich natural values associated with this part of the Bay of Fundy, I am both happy and relieved to hear that it will not fall victim to this kind of industrial development, which poses more risks than benefits to the local area” said CPAWS-NS Marine Coordinator Laura Hussey. “The people of Digby Neck want to build on the natural values of this area, not see them stripped away.”

The Digby Neck and Islands area provides important bird habitat to large numbers of both migratory and resident birds. It is an important area for a variety of whale species, including the endangered North Atlantic right whale. It also contains a number of rare coastal plant species. Because of the ecological values of this area, CPAWS-NS considers it to be an area that is significant not only regionally but also on a national and international scale.

“We commend Minister Parent for putting communities and the environment first with this decision,” said Hussey. “We also hope that the other recommendations made by the review panel, which included a coastal management plan for Nova Scotia and stronger community involvement, will not be forgotten but will be used to further benefit coastal communities across the province.”


For more information, contact:
Laura Hussey
Marine Coordinator
Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, Nova Scotia Chapter (CPAWS-NS)
1526 Dresden Row, Halifax
4th Floor, Unit 3
Ph: (902) 446-4155
Fax: (902) 446-4156

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