Third Ward TX (2007)


The Third Ward is a neighborhood in Houston, Texas that was historically populated by African-Americans. However, in the 60’s the city ran a highway through the area isolating 30, 000 people; dividing and wrecking the tight, vibrant community that once was.

Later in 90’s a group of artist developed The Row House Project with a mission to bring life back to the community through the love of art. In the process, these artists-turned-activists transformed lives – starting with their own.

Third Ward TX is a revealing look at a community’s struggle to survive – from segregation to the limited promise of integration, from drug wars to the economic challenges of gentrification. It is a story of imagination and hope, passed along person to person through the love of art and community.

Andrew Garrison is an independent filmmaker who has worked on documentaries dealing with issues of community, culture and poverty. Garrison is the recipient of fellowships from the Guggenheim and Rockefeller Foundations, the NEA and the American Film Institute. Andrew lives in Austin, Texas where he teaches film production at the University of Texas.

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