The Crazy on the Rocks (2007)


On the Indu-Bhutan International border, 650, 000 of the Bodo ethnic majority divert the course of the Pagladia river to 116 villages through 13 embankments. They are taking the river home from a rerouted course created in the 1920’s. Only utilizing natural environmental sound, the film portrays the community’s collective action at the very first embankment by the river’s origin. They lift stone by stone, else they cease to exist.

Altaf Mazid is a critic turned filmmaker based in Guwahati. His films

Jibon (Life, 1998), The Joy of Giving (2004), Las Vegasat (In Las Vegas, 2004), Bhal Khabar (Good News 2005), and Las Vegasat Barakhoon (One Rainy Night in Las Vegas, 2007) have attracted critical acclaim.

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