Sludge Diet (Tabou(e)!) (2006)


Some call it poison others hail it as environmentally friendly. Who’s telling us the truth about Fertile Residual Material (FRM) aka sludge and who’s lying? The foods that we eat are mostly produced on land fertilized by digester sludge containing dangerous substances. The consequences have been disastrous so far and most feel that governments need to ban its usage instead of regulating it.

The continued use of sewage sludge in agriculture and regulating its use to prevent harmful effects on soil, vegetation, animals and man – is an ongoing debate.

Born in 1950 at Granby, Mario Desmarais is a writer, director and producer. His main theme of interest is the food industry. Food and agriculture are crucial socioeconomics matters and the food safety of the Earth depends on it. He presents multiple sides of a story with a singular purpose: to debate.

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