Q2P (2006)

Source: http://planetinfocus.org/festival/q2p

Do you ever wonder why there is always a line up at women’s public restrooms, and never one at the men’s? In North America, most would argue that it is a simple issue of biology, but in India perhaps it’s more a matter of design…

Q2P is a contemplative study of how gender and class inequalities are revealed through toilets; something we normally take for granted. Set in Mumbai, India, where women going to the loo alone is stigmatized, the film looks at who has to queue to pee, and how urban centre design becomes gendered by this social prohibition.

Paromita Vohra is a filmmaker and writer. Her writing for film includes the feature films

Khamosh Pani (dir: Sabiha Sumar) which she won the Best Screenplay award at the Kara Film Festival, 2003and the Indian adaptation of Ang Lee’s Eat Drink Man Woman (in Development, Dir: Arjun Sajnani) . She writes a fortnightly column in the Mumbai Mirror and is a regular contributor to various journals in India and internationally.

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