Arctic Son (2006)


Arctic Son is a generational gap story with an unusual backdrop. Old Crow a tiny town, 80 miles north of the Arctic Circle, population 300. Stanley Sr. is a hunter; a rugged man of the land steeped in native traditions who becomes suddenly reunited with his son after almost 20 years apart. They share a name and a bloodline, but for the moment that is all they share because their worlds and their lifestyles differ respectfully.

Seattle-raised Stanley Jr. is absorbed in hip hop music, video games, and drunken nights filled with debauchery. With their time together Stanley Sr., hopes to instil in his son a sense of balance and groundedness, drawing upon what he knows best — his history and the land. Embedded within this moving father–son story is a larger exploration of the complex relationship between tradition and urban culture; old and young; nature and pop culture; addiction and independence; and the bigger quest we all embark on at one point or another in our lives.

Andrew Walton’s career began in 1997 with a project for MTV. He embodies a humanistic style of storytelling using evocative portraiture and striking realism that captures his subjects with engaging honesty. He has directed commercials, short films and internet content for some of the world’s top agencies and brands.

Arctic Son is his first documentary feature.

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