Toxic Tresspass (2006)


“I am polluted.” – A powerful statement. These three words should never be heard from a child or to a greater extent your own child. But this is the reality for Ada Cohen daughter of Barri Cohen director of the film Toxic Trespass.

The documentary investigates the growing evidence that we are conducting a large-scale toxicological experiment on our children. Together, Barri and Ada confront polluters, researchers who see no conclusive link between environmental poisoning and childhood diseases, and the government officials who are supposed to be protecting us.

Toxic Trespass reveals the links between industrial chemicals, environmental degradation and childhood illness?–?and asks why our governments are doing so shockingly little about the problem. It’s a call to arms for citizens to fight the pollution that affects us all.

Barri Cohen is a Toronto writer, editor and filmmaker. Her work includes acclaimed and award-winning documentary series for television focused on social justice issues, health and the environment.

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