The Water Front (2007)


Water privatization battles are very common around the world.

Unfortunately, the economic troubles familiar to Detroit since Henry Ford’s relocation have also affected Highland Park mercilessly. Highland Park on the verge of bankruptcy in 2001, appointed an emergency financial manager who described herself as basically having the powers of a “dictator.” Her main responsibility is to pull the city out of debt. Her only sure footed plan was to privatize and treat water as necessary commodity that could yield a profitable return.

The Water Front has a gripping plot and that could easily be compared to David vs Goliath. The soundtrack provides a moving background as each cast members engages in a hometown struggle that resonate within anyone who uses their tap and takes pride in their home.

Liz Miller is an independent filmmaker and professor in Communication Studies at Concordia University in Montreal. For the last fifteen years, Miller has developed documentary and community media projects and conducted media workshops for women and human rights organizations across the Americas.

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