The Survivors Project: Voices from the Inside-out!


Much has been said about the increase of violence in Toronto. It is clear that death at the hands of a gun is tragic and senseless, but what become of those who survive?

The Survivors Project explores the traumatic impact and implications of gun violence on young people and young black men in particular, living in low-income radicalized neighborhoods. The film follows the story of an ex-gang member from “The Town” in Rexdale.

Can we learn from his experience or has it all been said too many times? Can we reach them before they are unreachable?

Larc Trotman is a filmmaker and certified arts educator with numerous community and mainstream credits. After losing his brother to a horrible act of violence in front of their apartment building, he decided that it was critical to play a small role in creating safe spaces where young people could acquire skills while discovering positive outlets of expression. The traumatic experience now informs most of his work to date. Larc is currently in development of a documentary entitled

Across Generations which looks at fragmentation that exists within black families across Canada.

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