The Incredible Horseman (2007)


Stig-Anders is considered an anomaly by his neighbors and those who know him. With his horses as his main companions, he lives alone on a farm in the southern forests of Sweden, with little connection to the modern world. He romanticizes the past and refuses to give up his old way of life. The horseman falls on hard times when a furious storm hits his beloved forest, causing him to be hospitalized. Away from his farm he has little reason to live, until a friend from the past helps him find his way home. A beautifully shot and intimate portrait study of one mans relationship to the land, and to the past which he refuses to leave behind.

Peter Gerdehag is one of Sweden’s most published photographers, with a forty year career working for newspapers, magazines and books. His specialties are nature and the landscape cultivated by man. He made transition to film making with the highly acclaimed film

Bondens tid på jorden (The Life and Death of a Farmer). The Incredible Horseman is his second film, also shot in a rural landscape. Peter’s remarkable camera work gained him a nomination for a “Golden bug”, Sweden’s highest film award, for his work.

Tell Johansson is a young, talented film editor, who has been awarded for almost every film he has worked on. He has co-directed both films by Peter Gerdehag.

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