Reading the Water: Lectures on Home Video Ecology from the Gulf of Me


“What are you reading daddy?”
“I am reading the water”
“Read it with me”
Filmed off the coast of Maine, filmmaker Niklas Vollmer creates an experimental, personal visual poem about father- son relationships. Drawing parallels between his father – a biologist and professor – and the environment of his childhood, ecology serves as a metaphor for exploring the depths of masculine relationships and the need to sustain familial bonds. Vollmer explores the complexities and fragilities of the family ecosystem through three generations of males. Reading the Water allusively uncovers the meaning that lies beneath surfaces, to understand what is hidden below.

Niklas Sven Vollmer is an interdisciplinary artist and mediamaker who teaches film/video production at Georgia State University. His work has screened in the US, Canada, Europe and Asia; and at AFI, the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art, California Museum of Photography, and the Directors Guild of Los Angeles and is the recipient of several awards for his film works including Best Sports Documentary and the Original Vision Award at the International Documentary Challenge premiered at HOTDOCS.

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