Fridays at the Farm (2006)


“I eat food every day. I don’t know where it comes from or how it’s made.”

Most of us don’t think twice about the chemicals being sprayed on our food, but the Hoffmann family does. Through a personal visual diary of his experience on a community farm, filmmaker Richard Hoffmann examines the natural practice of food production. Using a digital still camera, Richard took roughly 20,000 pictures of vegetables and herbs, insect life, and human activity on the farm with the hope of staying connected to the food he and his family eat. Fridays at the Farm is a cinematic portrait of organic community farming and the enrichment of life for all those who participate in such practice.

After graduating from New York University in 1996, Richard Power Hoffmann began creating a variety of personal and work-for-hire projects. The script for his feature film debut,

Invisible Mountains, was awarded a 2002 screenwriting fellowship from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts. The completed film went on the win Best Feature at the 2003 DV Film Festival and a 2005 PCA media arts fellowship.

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