Dead in the Water (2006)


Water is a finite commodity for which humans have seemingly infinite need. And, whenever there is need, there is someone looking to capitalize. Whether it’s in Soweto, South Africa, the slums of Buenos Aires, or pleasant retirement and recreation communities in California, supplying people with water has become a profitable business. Residents of Oakhurst, California, may purchase their water in a clean, clear plastic jug from “The Quality Water Store;” while a slum-dweller in South Africa uses a discarded plastic pail to scoop water from standing pools, often disgustingly polluted. Dead in the Water investigates the results of privatization efforts in several key locations, and chronicles what many see as the first in a wave of battles in years to come.

Neil Docherty is a senior Editor/Producer with the CBC’s, The Fifth Estate.  Since 1992, he has also produced and directed films for WGBH’s prestigious documentary show,

Frontline.  After beginning his career as a print journalist with The South Wales Echo and later The Sunday Times in London, he joined Thames Television and began directing documentaries. Neil has won more than 40 awards for his documentary work. He is a four-time Gemini winner, and in 2004, he was awarded the Gordon Sinclair Gemini Award as Canada’s best broadcast journalist.


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