City of Cigars (Cigarbyen) (2005)


Despite health risks attached to smoking there is still a growing appreciation for cigars. We know that the risks outweigh the pleasure. However, little is known about the risk in producing the product.

City of Cigars investigates the health risks associated with producing cigars – from the field worker to the cigar roller and even the storage personnel who are exposed to contamination by chemicals and nicotine. Within one of the oldest tobacco factories in Estili, Nicaragua, workers become sick without really knowing the causes. Luz, the shop steward, who has worked within the factory since her teens realizes that generations of women are becoming ruined by their working environment. She tries to start a clinic. Can she leverage the support she needs or is it just too late?

Jens Pedersen is a Danish documentary filmmaker and has produced documentaries from Asia, Africa and the Americas.

City of Cigars is part of a series of 3 documentaries on the struggle for workers rights in developing countries. Recently Jens finished a series of 5 documentaries about discrimination of the untouchables in India and Nepal.

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