Blockade (2005)


Russian documentary filmmaker Sergei Loznitsa brings the haunting images of the Siege of Lenningrad back into our collective memory in his reflection on the atrocities that happened in the past, lest we forget. From September 1941 to January 1944, lasting over 900 days, Hitler attempted to starve the city of Leningrad into submission. The siege of Leningrad was the longest of its kind during World War II, causing over half a million people to die, mostly from starvation.

Using rarely seen footage from the Soviet film archives, Loznitsa recreates a stunning historical account of the Siege, creating a state of the art soundtrack to accompany the silent footage. Blockade shows the gradual transformation of Leningrad: from its defensive beginnings to a horrific aftermath.

Born in Baranowitshi, White Russia, Sergei Loznitsa is a graduate from the Kiev Polytechnic University.

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