Edge of Eden: Living with Grizzlies (2007)

Source: http://www.planetinfocus.org/festival/edge-of-eden

Kamchatka, the most easterly region of Russia, a little miracle with
huge implications is in the works. Considered by many to be the most
dangerous animal in the world the grizzly bear, an endangered species,
finds a protector and defender in Canadian conservationist, Charlie
Russell. As a surrogate mother he struggles to reintroduce orphaned
cubs to the wild against the backdrop of a dramatic landscape filled
with lurking predators and poachers. Filmed in the course of a year,
this relationship is bound to fill you with awe and sure to win your
hearts and minds.

and Sue Turner are a Canadian husband and wife wildlife filmmaking team
that have been making films professionally for the past 20 years. They
have written, directed, produced and photographed more than twenty
films in that time and have won numerous awards including a British
Academy Award Nomination. Jeff and Sue have a strong connection to
bears, having produced six different films on bears since 1991.

Charlie Russell will be in attendance at the screening to answer questions from the audience.

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  1. F. Los says:

    A beautifully shot film – probably as close to the ‘edge’ of the grizzly world as one could possibly ever get.
    Charlie Russell’s efforts are certainly laudable,
    especially his heroic attempts to expose the destructive Russian poaching industry.
    Many viewers may come away wondering if it’s really so essential to get ‘that close’ for the sake of protection. Obviously, in this case Russell had to become surrogate mother for these cubs, or else they would have been killed before their first year.
    But I don’t think we all need to overcome our natural fear of grizzly bears in order to respect them and ultimately sustain their populations. The film seems to suggest this is an absolute necessity before positive action is taken, and that may seem like a stretch to many viewers.
    Having said that, it was true pleasure listening to this incredibly kind and modest man speak after the screening. As he continues to devote his life to this worthy cause, here’s hoping he will be fully recognized and others will help to realize his goals…


  2. Lynn Smart says:

    I think this film about Charlie and the grizzlies is the most important film I have seen in a long time. Hopefully it will bring about a paradigm shift in some peoples’ thinking about other species. How truly beautiful and life-giving our planet would be if everyone opened their minds and emotions like Charlie!
    I rate this film 5 out of 5.


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