Mozy – a true “peace of mind” back up solution

Unlimited remote back-ups of your data for $4.95 a month – you just can’t beat that. No more worrying about external back-up hard drives failing (or running out of space) or even remembering to back up important and irreplaceable data on DVD’s (or misplacing them). Mozy gives me peace of mind when it is running in the background. I even tested the restore files function one day. I had to restore a 90mb file. I logged onto Mozy and the file was easy to download from their servers.

MozyHome Remote Backup Screenshot

The only thing that does bring some concern is the fact that my data is living somewhere else on someone else’s server. It is still always good to have local backup storage solution (they are pretty cheap now) as you may want to have immediate access to your files.

So check them out and sign up today!<br href="; Mozy Unlimited Backup – $4.95/Month!

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  1. R. Turgano says:

    Our home computer just died and luckily everything got backed up by Mozy the night before.
    I chose to restore all my files through “Web Restore” on a separate external hard drive connected to another computer. It took a couple days for Mozy to get the restore files ready (about 80 gb).
    Once I logged into Mozy to retrieve the files, I was surprised that they came in separate download-able executable files (.exe) @ around 4 gb per file. It took me a several hours in total to download over a few days and I am happy to say that all my files have been recovered.
    NOTE: it is still good to have a local backup solution in case you need your files immediately.


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