Electric Green News – August 26, 2007

– World’s first large-scale biodiesel refinery slated for Alberta… CBC AB
– Arctic sea ice shrinks to lowest area on record… CBC
– Oil slick endangers Vancouver Island orca habitat… CBC BC
– Environmentalists urge SK premier to drop E85 highway… CBC SK
– Toronto blogger embarrasses NASA climate experts… CBC

– Canada and Ontario announce agreement to protect Great Lakes… Environment Canada
– Premiers can’t agree on cap-and-trade emissions system… CBC QC
– Proposed wind farm raises concerns about marine animals … CBC BC
– Red pandas, Asian elephant born in Alberta zoos… CBC AB
– Sask. rancher, nature lover dies… CBC SK

– Landfill a threat to salmon: conservation group… CBC NFL
– Bear Mountain wind project announced… Gov BC
– Bring your own bag campaign launched by Halifax grocer … CBC NS
– 50 million trees to be planted in Ontario… CBC ON
– Kangaroo rats feared hopping toward oblivion… CBC AB

– Mercury levels rising in some Nunavut lakes, scientists find… CBC North
– P.E.I. wants time on cosmetic pesticides… CBC PEI
– Groups sue minister for failing to protect endangered fish… Sierra Legal
– Ontario’s logging levels may be wishful thinking… Wildlands League
– PEI to announce new vehicle emission standards… Gov PEI

– New GO buses improve eco-friendly transit… Newswire
– Oldest known reptile prints found near Sackville… CBC NB
– PEI to strengthen EPA… Gov PEI
– Calgary commuters going green says study… CBC AB
– Greenpeace carves question mark on genetically engineered crop… CBC BC

– Premiers to make meeting green in Moncton… CBC NB
– BC announces GHG emission goal… Gov BC
– Harper announces expansion of NWT park… CBC North
– Low emission vehicles get a boost from Ontario… CBC ON
– Groups praise crackdown on farm run-off… CBC PEI

– Ontario awash in toxic substances:coalition… CBC ON
– McGuinty government helps drivers go green… Gov ON

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