Planet in Focus: International Environmental Film & Video Festival


Planet in Focus promotes the use of film and video to frame and explore environmental issues and stories and serves as a catalyst and springboard for environmental awareness, discussion and action. We execute our mission at our annual festival and through our special year round programs.

We strive to screen the most creative, insightful, and inspirational programming available. Our mandate is to reach out to diverse audiences, engaging them in a welcoming and energized forum where environmental art, science, industry and activism can come together. Our festival program features pre and post-screening discussions, panels, workshops and networking events, designed to further engage with the films’ subjects, and to foster dialogue and community amongst audiences, filmmakers and broadcasters.
In 2007, Planet in Focus will launch an international marketplace for ecological films & videos accessible at our festival October 24-28. Filmmakers, distributors, programmers and other industry professionals will be able to browse our archive and select some of the best environmental films ever produced.
Due to the overwhelming success of our inaugural Spotlight Program last year, we are launching a new theme for this year’s spotlight: Polar Visions
In celebration of the 125th anniversary of International Polar Year, an initiative that launched international scientific Polar research and exploration in the late 19th Century, Planet in Focus will spotlight works from and about the Circumpolar regions of the Arctic and the Antarctic. Special consideration will be given to works covering the themes of International Polar Year: atmosphere, ice, land, oceans, people and space. Though including research and findings carried out by teams from beyond the Circumpolar regions and the Antarctic, the nations and regions most impacted by the changing polar regions are Canada, Denmark/Greenland, the Russian Federation, Finland, Iceland, Sweden, United States, Norway and the Antarctic.
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