Environmental and Non-environmental Workers Needed to Clean up Canada?s Contaminated Sites


Calgary, June 26, 2007 ? It will take a large community of workers with specialized and unique competencies to do the work that?s required to reclaim Canada?s contaminated sites for future generations, according to a new report by ECO Canada. The report, titled Who will do the cleanup? provides insights into the labour demand for both federal and non-federal contaminated sites cleanup activities in Canada.

?The decontamination of polluted land falls under the responsibility of a variety of stakeholders. Not only will the cleanup of contaminated sites provide a better environment for communities, it will also generate job opportunities in the remediation sector,? said Grant Trump, President and CEO of ECO Canada.
According to the report, the demand for qualified environmental workers, including those specializing in contaminated sites reclamation and remediation, continues to grow. It is estimated that over 14,300 jobs will need to be filled between 2006 and 2009?with 72% of the jobs located on non-federal sites and 28% located on federal sites. Professionals in demand include engineers, hydrogeologists, technologists/technicians, and other related scientists with environmental health and safety expertise.
?The industry needs to come up with a coordinated strategy to ensure that it has a workforce that is made up of highly skilled and well-educated professionals as well as workers with support and administrative staff who are properly trained to deal with contaminated sites,? said Trump.
Of the estimated 14,300 positions, 57% will need to be filled by non-environmental workers such as drillers, excavators, truck drivers, and site managers. The remaining 43% will be filled by professionals that include engineers, geoscientists, chemists, and hydrogeologists.
To download the report, please visit http://www.eco.ca and click on ?Publications.?
About ECO Canada:
ECO Canada develops programs that help individuals build meaningful environmental careers, provides employers with resources to find and keep the best environmental practitioners, and informs educators and governments of employment trends to ensure the ongoing prosperity of this growing sector.
Media Contacts:
For further information, contact:
Megan Lappi
Manager, Communications, ECO Canada
(403) 233-0748

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