Our Green Strategy

sk99g39 Saskatchewan CPR Railway 1999
Image by CanadaGood via Flickr

Saskatchewan people have always had a deep connection to the land, and its role in supporting life and livelihood, and their government is therefore committed to addressing the challenges of climate change to ensure long-term sustainability.

The government’s Green Strategy is about government, business and community working together to ensure our future is both green and prosperous.

The Green Strategy builds on existing actions and focuses our attention in areas of potential growth and change. Its purpose is to expand our current environmental programs and stewardship practices. Governments and the Crown Sector already invest millions of dollars to address our energy demands, our desire for protected spaces and wildlife, our need for clean water, air and land and healthy communities.

The Green Strategy demonstrates how the province can continue to meet these needs and expectations in a better way that protects the interests of current and future Saskatchewan people.

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