CASA recommends renewable and alternative energy framework

EDMONTON, June 7 /CNW/ – The Clean Air Strategic Alliance (CASA), in a report released today, has recommended that the Government of Alberta create a policy framework to encourage the development of renewable and alternative electricity in Alberta. Important elements of the proposed Framework are contained in the final report of the CASA Renewable and Alternative Energy Project Team (R&A Team), comprised of government, industry and non-government
organization (NGO) stakeholders.

The team’s work aimed at increasing the supply and demand of R&A
electricity in Alberta, recognizing and considering the implications to other forms of energy. The team also recommended objectives, guiding principles and management and policy options for the Framework. A further recommendation was that the policy framework be developed collaboratively with stakeholders.
Industry co-chair, Mark Roedel of Suncor, stated, “CASA has recommended creating a framework to promote renewable and alternative energy in an equitable and meaningful way.” Objectives of the proposed Framework could include elements to foster market demand, resolve regulatory barriers, incorporate environmental costs and benefits into the marketplace and include renewable and alternative electrical energy in an emissions trading system.
CASA vice-president and NGO co-chair, Martha Kostuch, added, “The
recommended framework forms the foundation for a 21st century form of economy in Alberta – one based on renewable and alternative energy. Renewable and alternative energy also provides environmental benefits in the form of reduced emissions and better air quality.”
A framework for increasing the supply and demand of renewable and
alternative energy is expected to be part of the energy strategy being
developed by the Government of Alberta.
The Clean Air Strategic Alliance is a multi-stakeholder partnership,
composed of representatives selected by industry, government and
non-governmental organizations. Stakeholders are committed to developing and applying a comprehensive air quality management system for all Albertans.
To learn more, please see the report at

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