E3 Fleet


E3 Fleet is a program initiative of the Fraser Basin Council (FBC), a non-profit organization with a mandate of bringing people together to advance sustainability. The E3 Fleet Program is based in the Fraser Basin Council’s Vancouver, British Columbia office.
The concept of a national green fleet rating system, now known as E3, emerged out of an informal meeting between fleet managers, the Fraser Basin Council and fleet program representatives in September 2004. The simple observation was made that, while there are green building rating systems such as LEED, there is nothing similar for commercial vehicle fleets.
The incredible success and national market impact of the LEED program on greening commercial buildings across Canada led to the hallway question ? could the concept of analysis, review and rating be applied to a very different sector with more dynamic changing characteristics, namely, fleets? The conclusion was yes. But such a system had to be built from scratch and would be costly.
Two years later, E3 has launched as a program initiative of the Fraser Basin Council.
E3 Fleet

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