Exotic plants could be harming N.B. ecosystem: expert

Exotic plants could be harming N.B. ecosystem: expert
A forest specialist is telling New Brunswick gardeners to be careful about what they’re putting in the ground.
Anthony Davis of the University of Idaho says he’s concerned about the trend toward exotic plant life in the region. He says some plants could be upsetting the balance of our natural system.

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  1. Deborah MacMichael says:

    Help!!! My name is Deborah MacMichael and I live on the Shediac River close to the Hwy 11 Bridge. Myself as well as a couple of neighbors have Canada Geese and their young that come up to feed on our lawns. This is to be expected since we are in an isolated area within their natural habitat. One of the neighbors sees fit to constantly chase, harass, throw rocks and sticks , yell and scream at them as well as swing sticks and brooms at the geese. Doing this even if they are on the shore or on the sandbank when the tide is out. ( which is in the middle of the river ). There can be 150 seagulls on his lawn and he won’t chase them, however is obsessed about the Canada Geese. Goes so far as to chase and scare them away while on my land. I have asked him to leave them alone all to no avail. I thought they were protected birds. Is there nothing that can be done to stop him??? Thank you for any help you may offer.


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