Making our Cities People and Planet-Friendly

New Society Publishers – According to UN figures, sometime in mid-2007 the world will enter the “Urban Millennium” — the first time in history that the majority of the world’s population has lived in cities and towns rather than in rural areas. This milestone coincides with an increased awareness of the vital role that our cities have to play in creating a sustainable world. Our newest releases explore civic issues, offering positive solutions for everything from making your neighborhood more livable to helping stop global climate change.

A Call for the Evolution of Government


Explosive urban growth is accelerating global warming, and despite their best intentions many politicians find themselves powerless to facilitate real change. In Urban Meltdown, just off press, urban activist, author and elected official Clive Doucet brings his unique personal perspective to bear on the pressing need for a new governance paradigm that frees politicians to effectively carry out a mandate making issues such as clean air, water and energy the real priorities, instead of protecting the interests of corporations.

Does Your City Make the Grade?


How sustainable is your city? Packed with beautiful, full-color photographs and illustrations, How Green is Your City? by Warren Karlenzig ranks the 50 largest U.S. cities in terms of sustainability, using indicators such as public transit use, air quality and green building. See which cities get an “A” and which ones are at the back of the class.

Commit Random Acts of Beauty


Pick up David Tracey’s “manualfesto” and join the green underground with Guerrilla Gardening, just off-press. Packed with planning, planting and design tips and profiles of activist gardeners, this handy guide is meant to fertilize a revolution. Get up and grow!


Change the World — One Place at a Time


We all know that little things can make a big difference, whether it’s a smile with your morning paper at the corner store, or fresh flowers on the table at the coffee shop down the street. Jay Walljasper and the Project for Public Spaces show us how these simple principles can apply to our cities and towns in The Great Neighborhood Book — a guide to developing and realizing your vision for an attractive, dynamic, vibrant and welcoming community. Available in early May, this book will motivate and inspire you!

Finding a Place Where Everybody Knows Your Name


Whether you’re actively seeking community, or just curious about some of the many options for a more ecologically sustainable lifestyle, Diana Leafe Christian‘s newest book, Finding Community, is an invaluable roadmap for the journey. Off press in May, this new release from the author of Creating a Life Together provides a thorough overview of established groups, including a wealth of solid information and advice on researching, visiting, evaluating and joining the community you’ve always dreamed of.

Greening the Metropolis


With a population of more than 2 million in an area of less than 3000 km2, Greater Vancouver has been faced with the challenge of creating a livable environment despite the pressures of rapid growth, urban sprawl and pollution. The Greater Vancouver GreenGuide by UBC’s Design Centre for Sustainability documents the many green buildings, neighborhoods and infrastructure that have earned the region an international reputation as a leader in urban sustainability. Meticulously researched, lavishly illustrated, and full-color throughout, the GreenGuide sets an example for cities everywhere.

Fertilize Your Plants for Free!


Just in time for spring planting, Liquid Gold by Carol Steinfeld is the perfect gift for the ecologically conscious gardener in your life. Whimsical and irreverent, this handy guide describes the use of a free, safe and simple, yet somewhat unusual source of fertilizer!

A Self-Built Natural Home for Less


The Complete Cordwood DVD is the perfect companion to Rob Roy’s Cordwood Building — long considered the essential resource for anyone considering building a cordwood house. This practical, innovative, information-packed video will show you how to imagine, design and build your dream home.

Transform Despair into Action


Joanna Macy: The Work that Reconnects presents the popular author’s teachings and methods, and builds on the rituals and exercises introduced in Coming Back to Life. This DVD is geared towards helping you achieve spiritual breakthrough in your own life, and then translate that growth into positive social action.

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