Sustainable Calgary seeks volunteers for next version of Green Map

Sustainable Calgary is looking for volunteers to help with the next version of their Green Map.
With your help, the new version will become an interactive document powered by Google.
Please readon for more info.

The Sustainable Calgary Board would like to invite you to volunteer your time to help us update our Calgary Green Map.
For those of you who don’t know about the original Calgary Green Map, it is located on our website at We want to follow the existing concept but make the online version more easily updatable. Our vision for the online Green Map is to create a more interactive, easily updatable, educational tool for all to use. We are also looking at ideas in ways that allow the community to keep us informed on any “sites” that are new (see below) or ideas to share (perhaps through a blog or online forum).
Currently have already begun working on the 2007 online Green Map which will be an interactive web based map of Calgary. Here’s the technical aspects of what we’ve done so far: The Green Map contains constantly updated dynamic Google imagery in addition to all the Green Map icons (complete with pictures and links to websites) . In other words, Google maintains all the street name information, all the satellite imagery and directions that you see in the website. All we have to do is add the Green Map data as a “layer” on top of that Google data and they take care of the rest.
Visit this site to explore our new vision:
The status of the Green Map:
We have added most of the sites that were on the 2001 Green Map and some more current sites.
With your help, we will break up into teams or working groups where each group corresponds to a “site” category (i.e.; Wetlands) that is located on the Green Map. Our primary focus will be on verifying and obtaining an address, taking pictures and a corresponding website (if applicable) for the following sites in these categories:
Wetlands ;
Special Trees ;
Scenic Vistas ;
Winter Activities ;
Environmental Education site ;
Eco-Firendly Buildings ;
Eco friendly Kid site ;
Cultural/Historical site ;
Alternative fuel site ; and YOUR IDEAS FOR OTHER POSSIBLE SITES !
Please email the Green Map 2007 team at , let us know which category you would like to be involved in, your contact information and we will organize your team to get started.
Thanks and we hope to hear from you soon!
The 2007 Green Map Team

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