The “Green Wake-up Call”

The environment has been a “hot topic” (pardon the pun) lately. In almost every media outlet (web sites, newspapers, newscast etc.) there is always a section or segment about what we can do to lessen our impact on our environment or how we are ruining it for our children. CTV is running a week-long ecological footprint segment this week, the Globe and Mail and the CBC both have climate change sections on their web sites, and almost every magazine has a “Green Issue” or eco-lifestyle theme (are they really “green” or is it just “green wash” ?).

The news is either positive or negative or just plain confusing/deceiving which is making most people either feel up or down about it – what an emotional/intellectual roller coaster.
But one has to wonder, what started this green wake-up call or rise in environmental awareness? Was it a particular or series of events? Was it a “movie” or book? Or was it a simple realization that made us want to change the way we live.
We invite you to share your thoughts, theories (conspiracy or not), or your own personal experiences on why you think everybody is thinking about the environment.

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