Antarctic Mission: Islands at the Edge (2007)

team of adventurous scientists and filmmakers, aboard the Canadian
sailing ship SEDNA IV document the impact of climate change in
Antarctica. On the remote, windswept islands of South Georgia they
encounter a spectacular gatherings of penguins, albatross and fur seals
who depend on huge swarms of shrimp-like zooplankton called krill,
which are the driving force of the vast Southern Ocean food web. On,
Bird Island, only four hectares, researchers discover that climate
changes, starting half a world away, are having a devastating impact on
the krill-eating predators. Fur seals and gentoo penguins are telling
us that changes to ice formation and temperatures in Antarctica are at
the heart of the problem. Islands at the Edge bears witness to a
changing world.

Underwood and John Lemire have collaborated on numerous projects under
the Glacialis Inc. label, from their award winning
Arctic Missions Series to the recent Antarctic Mission Series. Ms.Underwood has made more than twenty award-winning documentaries for the CBC’s documentary series The Nature of Things
and is recognized as one of Canada’s best environmental filmmakers,
always at the centre of natural history, conservation, and
environmental issues; her documentaries reveal the beauty, complexity
and fragility of some of the planet’s last great wildernesses. Mr.
Lemire, a biologist and filmmaker transformed his ship the SEDNA IV
into a floating classroom. A hero in Quebec, he is widely is known for
his acclaimed film
The White Planet.

Caroline Underwood & Jean Lemire
Canada/France, documentary, 2007
52 mins.

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