The Arusha Centre

About The Arusha Centre
The Arusha Centre is a collectively run, member-supported organisation that provides resources and programming on local and global social justice issues.
We define social justice as:
The belief in an equitable, compassionate world where difference is understood and valued, and where human dignity, the Earth, our ancestors and future generations are respected.

The efforts to create this world through:
* elimination of the root causes of oppression and exploitation both in society’s structures and in social interactions
* developing inclusive and equitable alternatives
* building sustainable communities
As educators and social change facilitators, we consistently strive to link our actions to these values and principles. We try to:
* provide opportunities for, and remove barriers to, individual and community participation, self-determination and empowerment, especially for those who have been marginalised
* acknowledge, respect and actively value diversity, based on the belief in inherent human dignity
* challenge unjust internal and external assumptions and structures and work toward socially just alternatives
* connect social, economic and ecological issues, both locally and globally
* create meaningful partnerships that foster social justice internally and externally.
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